Access and Child Safety

Lost Children and Vulnerable Adults

The Aylsham Agricultural Show Association has its own Children and Vulnerable Adults (Safeguarding) Policy which you can find here.

The designated location for lost children is the Administration and Finance Marquee, adjacent to the Main Ring on the western side. If lost children are found, please contact a Show steward immediately.

All Show stewards have been instructed as to the procedures in the case of a lost child or vulnerable adult.

Car Parking for Blue Badge Holders

Please display your badge prominently and the car parking team will try to give you forward parking, close to the main entrance gate. There are no separate disabled badges for the Show.

Early arrival may be wise.

Please be aware that there are no hard surfaces at the showground with mainly grass walkways and some uneven car parking surfaces. Please take care with wheelchairs and mobility scooters particularly in the event of wet weather. There will be an accessible viewing section adjacent to the Main Ring.

Registered Carers

It is the Show policy to allow a registered carer in free if looking after a child, or only charge for one person if looking after an adult. It is very helpful to the staff on the gates, if the carer’s ID can be shown.

Show Buggies and Land Train

The Aylsham Show provides a land train and a number of ‘golf buggies’ to transfer disabled and less able visitors from main entrance gate to key areas of the Show. Look out for the bus stops when you enter the showground after coming through main/members entrance gates.

These are kindly sponsored by Norfolk Bluebell Wood Burial Park.

For 2023 there will be two buggies specifically to take people to and back from the Food Hall, Cookery Theatre, and adjoining picnic area.


RevolOOtion - A Vehicle for Change

Previously known as the Mobiloo Vehicle, it will be on site again this year. This is a unique facility with electric hoist, toilet, sink and changing table.


Location will be shown in the Show Day Leaflet and the three tv screens on the showground.


For more details visit:

Mobility Centre

The Mobility Centre, Cromer will again have a trade stand at the Show and will be sited very close to the main entrance gate just inside the showground.

Available for hire at £35 per item will be mobility scooters, power chairs, wheelchairs and other equipment.


Please speak to Myrton Wood:
Telephone: 01263 513631
Email: [email protected]

Admissions Coordinator:

Fiona Hunter
[email protected]

Health and Safety, Safeguarding, Equality and Diversity Officer:

Rob Lewis
[email protected]

(Deputy: Paul Uglow)