The Countryside Ring

Norfolk & Suffolk Flyfishers Society


Norfolk and Suffolk Flyfishers Society was formed in 1974 to promote fly fishing in the area and they’ve been doing it ever since!

Over the last few years via their nationally acclaimed out reach programme  –  Try the Fly  –  they have introduced nearly one thousand people of all ages and genders to the ‘Gentle Art’ at their picturesque lakes at East Tuddenham as well as demonstrating here at Aylsham and at various other prestigious shows throughout the year.

Ever wanted to try fly fishing? Well you can today with one of Norfolk and Suffolk Flyfishers professional coaches completely free in their ‘Have a Go’ area. They will show you how to cast and also dispel the myth about the money and the mystique involved in the ‘Gentle Art’

Details of their nationally acclaimed ‘Try the Fly’ out reach sessions are also available along with details of day tickets and memberships for their picturesque lakes at East Tuddenham just outside Norwich

Kindly supported by C T Baker Group, Norfolk 

Wills Working Spaniels

11.00am and 1.30pm

Will has a passion for his spaniels and picks up locally on several shoots with his pack.

He will be demonstrating how he trains and works them giving tips on training and obedience, and having at least ten in the ring working with him.

Kindly supported by Agriglaze Limited, Horsham St Faith and Clan Trust Ltd, Norfolk. 

Fens Falconry Display

11.30am and 2.00pm

After a spectacular display in 2023, Fens Falconry return to the Countryside Ring.

Whatever the venue or occasion we always strive to show different styles of flight from gliding through to hovering. We offer the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of nature’s best designed predators. Along with some superb opportunities for photography, there is much to learn about birds of prey – everything about them has been evolved for a reason and allows them to maintain their status as a top predator.

You will see a variety of birds of prey on our stand. We have both native and more exotic types of falcons, hawks, buzzards as well as the odd owl and eagle. We will be on hand throughout the day to answer questions and let visitors get a close look at the birds.

There are many different ways to fly birds of prey, all centering around trust and food. At demonstrations you will see gliding, diving, stooping, hovering and aerial catches. Falcons will chase a lure in excess of 60mph flying out over trees and trade stands.

Our broadwings (that is buzzards, eagles, kites and vultures) usually fly low on posts and trees gliding down to the glove for food, on a good day with the right conditions they are able to get some height and show off a bit by soaring. Kestrels will hover feet from the audience keeping perfectly still in the air before diving down. These birds will be on the static stand throughout the event and we are sure will capture your attention immediately.         

Kindly supported by Scott Timber Buildings, Horsford and NFU Mutual, Holt.

Bob Hogg Sheep Dog Display

12.00pm and 2.30pm

For many years Bob has travelled around the country with his sheepdog display enjoying taking the world of the shepherd and his dog into countryside arenas, showing the skills these amazing animals have, whilst offering great entertainment. Bob has had many television appearances including Countryfile, House of tiny tearaways working with Dr Tanya Byron along with many others. Bob has also been invited on many occasions to present his Show to the British Royal Family and also the Saudi Royal Family.
He can use sheep (they will require a secure area, not ropes) geese and ducks depending on the requirements of the individual shows and child participation will be included. Lots of fun being a priority!! There will be special guest appearances with other animals to give variety and the element of surprise. Bob sometimes uses bearded collies in his displays to add a little more individuality to his display and show the different ways they work. This is always very popular with the audiences as they bound into the arena with their long coats flowing looking slightly clumsy until they hear Bob’s voice and begin to work with such style and grace.

Kindly supported by Norfolk Bluebell Wood Burial Park, Hainford and Rudlings Solicitors LLP, Thetford and Norwich.

Lamb National

12.30pm and 3.00pm

The audience love this show as the sheep race around a colourful course and over jumps. Names such as Red Ram, Sheargar, and Mint Sauce all add to the entertainment along with a humerous commentary.  The crowds really do love this one!!

Since the first introduction to the public in 2012, The Lamb National has become one of the most sought after arena acts.

The BBC Countryfile programme also featured this great  entertainment spectacle to the amusement of presenters as they were allocated their own runners and riders. Bob uses the natural hardiness, agility and intelligence of the Herdwick sheep to negotiate the obstacles using one of his sheepdogs to herd them around the course.

After being paraded in their own colours, they are introduced to the audience and then the fun starts. An amusing commentary accompanies the race and the display provides an exciting and comical addition to add to any Show. 

Kindly supported by Norfolk Farmers Trust, Norfolk and Bishop & Miller Auctioneers, Glandford

Lakenham Union Rugby Football Club Display


This year we have Lakenham Union Rugby Football Club coming to join us in the countryside ring for a display by their Ladies Section.

Lakenham Union RFC is a merger between the former Lakenham Hewett and Norwich Union RFC’s, and is Norfolk’s newest rugby club.

Based at Lakenham Hewett’s former facility, Hilltops, the new club has two men’s teams and a women’s team. The Women’s Team continue their legacy as the longest-established continuous women’s rugby team in Norfolk.

While both former clubs remain proud of their individual history, the newly formed Lakenham Union RFC means the newest team in Norfolk can make new memories and create a great future for all their members.

New Members and Players are welcome.

Kindly supported by Birketts Solicitors LLP, Norwich 

Starting Handle Club Display


The Starting Handle Club was formed 50 years ago to preserve & maintain Agricultural  Tractors,  Vintage  Machinery & associated  memorabilia. 

At present there are approximately 165 members. 

There is a Club meeting on the first Wednesday in the month at Bawburgh Village Hall, and new members are welcome. 

Kindly supported by Ben Burgess, Aylsham 

Norfolk Military Vehicles Group Display


The Norfolk Military Vehicle Group was formed in 1977 by a group of enthusiasts interested in restoring & exhibiting all ages & types of military vehicles.

The purpose of the group is to bring together all persons with a common interest in military vehicles & to assist one another in the restoration of these vehicles & to exhibit at local, national & international events.

They also raise money for various charities.

Kindly supported by Mackinnon Construction Ltd, Cromer

Classic Cars Display


Come and see the impressive display of Classic and Vintage Cars and Other Vehicles, all in splendid condition and proudly shown off by their owners.  

Kindly supported by Weatherfield Marquee Hire and Event Support, Watton and National Trust, Blickling